Our Sandbar Villas - Bay Houseboats are perfect for liveaboard vacations in South Florida!
Limited introduction offer - $30K per share!
Your  vacation in pristine bay waters of Florida keys will be just like fancy Caribbean yacht charter, but for much less...

Gentle ocean breeze, calm, crystal clear waters near pristine tropical island with your own personal beach. Absolute privacy and serenity!
It may sounds like a dream vacation on the expensive yacht charter somewhere in the Caribbean, but we decide to change it and offer our guests unique, safe and more affordable vacation experience in our own domestic Caribbean paradise - calm and clear bay waters of South Florida, huge area between Miami, Key West and Naples with thousands of small islands, magnificient coral reefs and snow white sandbars - the best place for boating, fishing and diving.

Ocean always attracted people and idea of liveaboard vacations is getting more popular than ever. New cruise ships are huge now and they are more like floating mega resorts than passenger transporting ships they used to be. 
Now more rich people prefer to buy yachts to be their stationary floating vacation villas in the protected waters, than ocean cruising yachts. New trend for super rich now is building their personal floating islands.

We designed two vessels, specifically for liveaboard vacations in the bay waters of S FL, their structural design is the same, only sizes and layouts are different.

Smaller vessel 44'x24' (3 bedr/3 bath) is for single family vacations, we called her " Sandbar Villa". She is self-propelled, self-contained ans self-sufficiant.

Larger vessel 64'x34' named " Sandbar Lodge " will be operated like a floating B&B - perfect bay retreat for groups of boaters, divers and fishermen with 10 staterooms, all of them with full bathrooms and private balconies. 

Safety & Comfort, Durability & Ecology are four cornerstones of our design -

Most of traditional houseboats are designed for inland lakes and rivers with their shallow draft and high center of gravity, they are not safe in the coastal area.
Our vessels are very durable and stable, they are so bottom heavy that their center of gravity is at waterline - they won't even roll on windiest days and will be perfectly safe in the bay area of S FL.

Comfort of our guests is our priority and our design will allow them to enjoy their vacations the most with walkaround covered balconies and the best waterviews all around, our huge roof deck is great for sunbathing and romantic dinners under the stars.

Our vessels are 100% Green - No pollution of any kind with solar panels as main source of power and propane backup generator, our holding tanks are huge and all sewage and garbage will be disposed properly in local marinas.  

Our Sandbar Villa and Lodge are perfect for liveaboard vacations in most beautiful unspoiled areas of South Florida accessable by boat only. 
Our Fractional ownership program offer is the safest and most affordable way to own unique and mobile oceanfront vacation property in S FL.

Florida Keys and Bay Waters of South Florida - our own domestic Caribbean Paradise

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