Don't miss your chance to become co-owner of Sandbar Villa - unique, mobile, safe and most affordable
oceanfront vacation property in South Florida!
         Only 20 shares of first Sandbar Villa will be offered at low introductory price - $33K per share!     
Each share entitles it's owner to one week vacation per year for the lifetime of the vessel

A lot of people, including us would love to own fancy ocean cruising megayacht or Caribbean beachfront villa, but unfortunately not all of us are rich enough to buy them, or even to afford their high maintenance costs, for example yacht annual ownership cost is around 10% of her purchase price and maintenance cost of island villas is pretty expensive too and usually they require permanent security and service staff. 
Timeshare resort offers may look like an affordable vacation property option, but in fact it is just a tricky marketing scam to make people prepay for vacations in their resorts with only right to use it for period of time, but without actual ownership. All timeshare resorts have high annual maintenance and management fees, timeshare owners always loose their money, when they try to resell their shares and ownership cost of all timeshares rises every year.
Fractional Ownership has much better value for buyers, because actually they become co-owners of the particular property. Rich people are smart, they never buy timeshares, but they were buying fractional ownership in yachts and jets for years, now it's become popular trend for vacation properties, it cost less to buy share instead of whole property and it costs much less to own it.
As a fractional owner of Sandbar Villa you will own shares of particular Sandbar Villa and you can do with your shares whatever you want - you can sell or trade your vacation time one year or save it for longer vacation next year, and you always can resell your shares at higher market price. 
Ownership of the Sandbar Villa as mobile vacation vessel is more exciting and personal than ownership of boring timeshare condo. The Owners Club will be formed on each vessel and all decisions on everything, including location of the vessel will be mutual.

Advantages for fractional owners of our Sandbar Villas -

Best Locations   - Our vessels will be staying in most beatiful and safe places of South Florida - FL Keys and Bay waters, where is too shallow for yachts and where no land development will be ever allowed, because those areas are either in National or State Parks, Marine Sancuaries or they are in flood zoned areas, but it's a real vacation paradise there with crystal clear waters, thousands of small pristine islands, gourgeous coral reefs and snow white sandbars.

Low initial cost - We plan to keep building Sandbar Villas and Boatels in FL for our rental business. In order to promote this project for the first Villa only we will offer special very low introductory price for first 20 buyers - $33,000 per share.
First Villa will be offered as a 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathroom unit with separate captain suite on the lower deck. Second Villa with exactly same layout and specs will be offered as 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms unit and her pricing will be determined later. 

Low maintenance cost - Our annual ownership cost will be much lower than for comparable size yacht, it is even lower than for comparable house in S FL.
Compared with yachts - Much lower fuel and maintenance costs. No expensive permanent dockage is required. No professional crew. No hull maintenance ever.
Compared with houses - No property taxes. No extra high coastal home insurance premiums. No lanscaping and No utility bills.
Solar panels will produce all required energy with backup propane generator for hot summer nights or cloudy days. Rain water will be collected and used for showers. Sewage will be pumped out by DEP boat for Free, because of the state sponsored program "Clean Vessel Act".

Mobility and Safety - Hurricanes and storms can happen anywhere from England to Japan and owners of oceanfront properties can't do much to protect them, but unlike houses we can move our self-propelled vessels to the safe inland area before storm arrives. With our full autonomy and unique and durable design we can easily move our vessels around and explore huge bay area between Miami, Key West and Naples with thousands of pristine islands and sandbars.
High rental income and good resale value - Safe Bay waters are perfect for liveaboard vacations on our vessels and also it is very convenient for our guests with short boat ride to local shops and restaurants. Charter rates for similar size yacht with 5 full size staterooms starts at $7,000 per night plus fuel and other expenses, after comparing with our competitors and discussing our project with charter brokers and local realtors we think, that our proposed daily rates for summer $1,000 and $2,000 for winter are very reasonable.
For fractional owner initial cost of one share can be repaid with rentals in 5-6 years.
We also compared property values and rental rates of oceanfront properties in S FL and we estimate that aproximate market value of our Sandbar villa is around $3M, as oceanfront 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom rental unit, so estimated market value of one share is around $57K!  

We believe that actual resale market value of our shares will be even higher, because of our limited offer and the absense of any other comparable offers in S FL and  because our Villas will be in most popular and  beautiful places in coastal S FL, accessible by boat only and located in National or State Parks or flood zoned areas, that are permanently closed for land development. Also because no short term rentals are allowed in most popular tourist cities, like Key West, Miami Beach and Naples, where high rental rates and high demand for oceanfront vacation rentals grow every year and average occupancy rate is over 90% all year around.

But the main reason for our belief  is - ​ There are No other Oceanfront Vacation Properties for Sale in South Florida for $33K!!!

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