Do you want to own unique B&B business in the best places for vacations in South Florida?

We are looking for business partners! You can co-own Sandbar Villa or Boatel as very profitable and easy to manage B&B business and for your own personal vacations near Miami, Key West or Naples!

In general B&B business is easy to manage, it can be even done long distance, but we like more relaxed lifestyle with more time to travel and we actually would prefer active managing partners over passive investors.

We are offering you full and equal partnership in this project as a Joint Venture. We want to set up this business as simple as possible, for example  for Sandbar Villa we propose - Each villa will be owned by FL Corporation with 2 managing partners and 52 shares, each partner will own 26 shares, which he can sell anytime to fractional owners or keep his shares for steady rental income.

 Our Project Advantages compared to land based B&B -

Low Initial Cost - We finished complete design of both vessels and we will discuss with our partners all specifications and equipment options for each vessel before we start actual construction, but if we go with all our recommendations, each vessel will cost less than Bayfront Lot for comparable house or hotel.

Best Locations & Mobility - Our "Green" self-propelled and self-sufficient vessels can go to the most beautiful places in the Bay area, where is too shallow for yachts and in case of major hurricane we can move them to the safe area.

 Safe, Durable and Cost-Effective Design - We designed our vessels specifically for liveaboard vacations in the Bay area of S FL - They are durable, bottom heavy as result they are very stable and they are fully autonomous and low maintenance vessels.

High Sales Profit & Steady Rental Income - Fractional sales can produce great returns quickly, because of high demand and there are no other Bayfront vacation properties in S FL for $33K. Our rentals will be easy to book, because we can offer unique vacation experience, very similar to yacht charters at affordable price.

Low Operational Cost - No Property Taxes. No High Coastal Property Insurance Premiums. No Storm Damage for mobile vessels. No Utility Bills. No Landscaping. All annual and operational costs will be shared among fractional owners. 

Simple Business Format with less Restrictions - Our vessels will be operated as Private Boating Clubs with fractional owners as club members, it will limit our liabilities and allow us to operate under very simple regulations for recreational boaters.
With our mobile vessels as private clubs we can legally offer short term rentals near most popular tourist places, like Miami Beach or Key West, where such short term rentals are restricted by city or HOA.

Let us know what you think about our design and project in general? We are very casual and reasonable people, you may contact us for more information by e-mail  [email protected]  or by phone 770-855-2478