1. Our sandbar villa
    Our sandbar villa
    Double deck with wraparound balconies on both decks
  2. Lower deck
    Lower deck
    Living area with kitchen and Captain's suite
  3. Upper deck
    Upper deck
    Two staterooms with full bathrooms
  4. Roof deck
    Roof deck
  5. Previous project
    Previous project
    My biggest hull 24'x65'
  6. 150 ton hull
    150 ton hull
    Overkill design 24' x 65' hull with all concrete top deck
  7. Framed, ready for towing
    Framed, ready for towing
  8. My best 1st mate
    My best 1st mate
  9. Italian UFO
    Italian UFO
    Cute, but small & unpractical
  10. UFO marina
    UFO marina
  11. SF Bay, Forbes Island
    SF Bay, Forbes Island
  12. Private houseboat
    Private houseboat
  13. Crow nest
    Crow nest
  14. My tow boat
    My tow boat
    RIP, I miss you
  15. Boatel
  16. Boatel in Amsterdam
    Boatel in Amsterdam